CEBRE - Czech Business Representation to the EU

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  • + 420 246 031 707      (for calling from the     Czech Republic)

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CEBRE - Czech Business Representation to the EU in Brussels was founded by three most important cross sectoral Czech entrepreneurial and employers organizations - Confederation of Employers' and Entrepreneurs' Associations of the Czech Republic, Confederation of Industry of the Czech Republic and Czech Chamber of Commerce. Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic together with its trade promotion agency CzechTrade provided support to this joint effort. CEBRE operates in Brussels in cooperation with the Embassy of the Czech Republic to Belgium.

The Maltese EU Presidency 2017




At the beginning of January 2017 Malta has taken over the Presidency of the Council, which rotates among the EU member states every 6 months, and thus has started the last third of the joint 18-month programme of the EU Presidency Trio Netherlands-Slovakia-Malta. The objectives of Malta’s Presidency are based on the Trio’s programme covering issues of migration, employment, economic growth, security, Energy Union and stronger EU in the world. During the upcoming 6 months the Maltese Presidency will focus on the following key areas:


- Migration

- Single Market

- Security

- Social Inclusion

- Europe's Neighbourhood

- Integrated Maritime Policy


More on the priorities of the Maltese Presidency can be found here.

Programme of the Presidency is available at this link.

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